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Infantry Trials & Development Unit, based in Warminster (at the back of the old School of I, or whatever it's called these days.) Responsible for trialing all the kit that will eventually end up in the hands of Tommy Atkins, and rejecting the tat (and believe me, there is some proper tat mooted by some of the so-called defence contractors) along the way. It's a pretty thankless task, despite their best efforts they will get slated by the toms because the kit they pass as "fit for purpose" will inevitably get slagged off for being too heavy/too light/too fragile/too sturdy etc etc etc by the guys that end up using it. Not a bad posting, and a real eye opener as to how the horse trading that is Military Procurement actually happens, it can be great fun and bloody hard work all at the same time. Particularly busy at the mo, working their pods off getting stuff through as UORs for the ops in Afghanistan, including the latest Helmet/Body armour combo and the L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle.