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Internet Tough Guy

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Very much like Waltism but regarding the virtual world of computers. Somebody who frequents internet message boards (and chat rooms, although not really on ARRSE) and tries to project an image of being a 'well hard'.

Typical Internet Tough Guy behaviour may include:

  • Claims to be a master of boxing, fighting or any number of martial arts styles.
  • Claims to be related to, know well, or have worked with famous tough guys etc.
  • Claims to be incredibly strong and physically fit.
  • Threatens violence against other message board members or chat room users who anger or annoy him.
  • May claim to an ex-Airborne/Marine/Special Forces, or pseudo-Police Officer.
  • Makes exaggerated claims about his own sexual prowess and ability to seduce women.

Most Internet Tough Guys are liars, Walts, and are actually angry, socially-awkward young (and not-so-young) males who use the internet as a place to act tough because they can't pull it off in real life. They are also well known for being the sort who hit women causing them to run off. The net effect is to enrage the 'Tough Guy' to come onto the internet and start threatening all and sundry. Clearly only the worst sort of cunt does this.

List of Internet Tough Guys