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The fabled city itself, situated in the county of Suffolk. Nestled on the banks of the mighty river Orwell, the town is a sea port - and in common with most ports it is a run down shithole. That said, it's not quite the hole it used to be and investment has transformed some areas in to something akin to civilisation.

What character it did have, however, has been stripped bare by the malaise that gripped most town councils in the 1980s - redevelopment. As such, Ipswich has several shopping areas that make it look identical to every other 'developed' city in the UK. There are a few remaining spots that have escaped the demolishion ball, and it is these oases of sensibility that give the town a quintessential quaintness.

Ipswich is now world famous - and for all the wrong reasons. This fair city is now likely to be labelled forever as the home of the notorious prostitute-murdering 'Suffolk Strangler', as Sheffield is to the 'Yorkshire Ripper'. An unfortunate state of affairs some would say. Just wait 'til the Japanese cotton on to it and Ipswich will be lapping it up in fur-lined, leopard skin thigh boots - not unlike some of its inhabitants.