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Iron Sights

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Sighting system used on the SA80 rifles for those of us which are not important enough to be given a SUSAT. Consists of a rear hole which can be moved from left to right (for zeroing) and a thin blade which can be moved up and down. The blade has a trace of tritium on it to aid in shooting at night. However, this is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard because if the enemy's more than about six inches away then you can't fecking see them.

The Rear part of the site is attached to what appears to be a carrying handle. That's because it is; hence why we call it the 'carrying handle'

This young female medic is carrying an SA80 fitted with iron sights. [[File: sa80.1.jpg ]]

Not inferior to the SUSAT in all respects. It's easier to use at short ranges for instance. So if you're given one, pretend that it's because you expect to be doing a lot of room clearance or jungle fighting. Then you won't feel so jealous of the guys in the cam cream. There's also the old adage that magnifying the target magnifies your errors; so it's better for precise shooting. This adage was, however, probably developed by someone to whom santa did not bring a SUSAT and felt left out