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One of the most shocking defeats in the history of the British Empire by a native enemy.

One of three colomns marched into the heart of Zululand in January 1879 in order to crush the Zulu people was lead by Major General Lord Chelmsford. The column totalled some 4,907 men and included 302 wagons and carts, 1,507 oxen and 116 horses and mules. He underestimated his enemy, ignored all advice and even split the colomb up into two in order to take half on a patrol. While split the Zulus attacked the half of the colomn that was camp and slaughtered them where they stood.

Later one group of the Zulu army that never had a chance to take part in the battle set off for a small station to get some glory for themselves. Here, at Rorke's Drift the british Army managed to regain some it's lost face with it's spirited defence against overwhelming odds.

A battle that spawned a multitude of 'old wives tales' for the reasons why we lost. No, the ammo boxes were not inaccessable, they were designed to kick open or be opened with a rifle butt. No, the QM didnt refuse Company runners ammo, they just didnt make it back to the companies. And many more.