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Jacqui Smith

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Jacqui demonstrates what was on hubby's taxpayer paid for grot

Once a Middle Aged School Teacher ...

Jacqueline Jill "Jacqui" Smith - Poster girl of the Tony Blair 'babe' generation of over promoted, incompetent female MP's.

Was Head of Shed of the Home Office. Her name is Jacqui Smith (note right-on spelling) and her bio is here.

Jaqui was really on the ball. She not so long ago put her dainty foot in it by admitting that London wasn't safe and that she'd only pop out for a kebab if she was accompanied by the team of heavily armed filth that routinely follow her about by default of her lofty governmental position. It's all a bit fucking rich when one considers that she, ultimately, is the one responsible for law and order - and that the luxury of being constantly shadowed by a tooled up bodyguard is one that is not extended to the very people who pay her fucking wages and directly suffer from the failings of her department. It's rather like an AAC-attached REME fitter saying to a pilot "You wouldn't get me in one of those fuckers, boss. And I should know... I service them!"

Ver Are Your Papers Citizen?

Her support for having the UK population ID carded, bar-coded, micro-chipped and probably branded as Property of G. Brown as well was total and without reservation. To add insult, she charges the tax payer in excess of £23k a year to doss in her sister's back room 1 night a week. Snout... trough... nuff said!

Jacqui was made a laughing stock after putting 'pay-for-view' Adult Films on her expenses - as well as flat screen television, a washing machine, a video recorder, a towel and a toothbrush holder as well as the kitchen sink (literally)... and its 88p plug - when her expenses claims were leaked well before the main story of fraudulent MPs' expenses got going. Personally I think that as I'm subcontracted to the Highways Agency and thus work for the Government then I ought to be able to buy filth at the taxpayers' expense rather than being forced to pick up used truck driver's cast offs from the hard shoulder.

Further she has been sited in a private prosecution for defrauding the taxpayer.

This is an Ex-Home(s) Secretary

Gordon of course had 'total faith' in her... which means she was guaranteed unemployed at the next cabinet reshuffle.

Lo and behold thats exactly what happened although she claimed to have stepped down due to family issues (her husbands loss of eyesight due to all the wanking no doubt). Couldn't happen to a nicer, power mad, deranged loon.

Has now started whining that she was never trained for the job as home secretary and so it wasnt her fault she fucked it up.

And finally ...

Predictably it all came to a sticky end for our Jacqs at the May 2010 election where her majority of 2,716 turned into a majority of 5,821 for the Conservatives (a swing of 9.2%).