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Genuine arse user.

Not a typo.

Master of the Search Engine

It's a known fact that if somebody posts a topic that has either been done before, discussed before, or tried before, at any point in time since 2002, Jarrod will reply within 3 posts.

More often than not, his reply will simply be a number "n" where n = number of threads already discussing same topic.

The side effect of this, is that at some point someone will eventually use the search function, thereby triggering the 2nd Battalion of ARRSE Unfunnies (Alcoholic Division), to post highly original quips such as "Holy thread resurrection, Batman!"


Auld Yin recently shortened the phrase "bollocking from Jarrod for not using the search function" to simply "Jarroding". (Think trash-talking Americans "you all" = "Y'all").

Within no time at all, this reference became a homosexual double-entendre. This is somewhat surprising, since very few members are actually aware that our protagonist is an openly gay man, as people rarely ever mention it at every single opportunity to be "funny".