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John Hutton

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Weasel or squaddies bezzer?

John Matthew Patrick Hutton is the Labour MP for Barrow and Furness in Cumbria and was until 5 June 2009 the Secretary of State for Defence.

So Who He?

His 6000 majority at the last election put him in the danger zone for loss of job come the next election so as well as leaving the cabinet he's also going to resign from "front-line politics", thereby avoiding the inevitable.

One of the serial liar Blair's closest buds in parliament. His ministerial career is as follows...

  • Department of Health from 1998,
  • Member of the Privy Council in 2001.
  • Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office (post 2005 general election)
  • Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (2 November 2005)

When the Celestial Navigator finally pissed off, Hutton survived in cabinet looking like he merely switched bosom buddies. With Gordon Brown needing Blairite support, decent roles were forthcoming. Following Blair's resignation ...

  • Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (June 2007)
  • Secretary of State for Defence in the cabinet reshuffle on 3 October 2008 to 5 June 2009.

Poisoned Chalice

While no current Labour MP has served thus making you wonder how the hell they can shape a defence policy that involves squaddies, Hutton had at least a vague clue what he dealt with. In 2008 he wrote a book. "Kitchener's Men - The King's own Royal Lancasters on the Western Front 1915-18" (Pen and Sword Books, 2008). Its a fairly grim read about the reality of the Western Front for chaps from the Furness area and has been fairly well reviewed on Amazon.

To be honest, having watched him perform in front of select committees, he comes over a little bit shifty but then he's a career politician which means the weasel gene is fairly dominant. His explanation to the committee on the subject of training where he admitted that training for theatres other than Afghanistan/Iraq was being neglected simply hammered home how overstretched the UK's troops are.

... And then He was Gone!

Time passed and he had actually seemed to get the perilous condition of the Forces at present. He was trying hard to rectify problems when seconds after the polls closed in the local and European elections June 2009 ... he resigned. The excuse was he wanted to spend more time with his accountants and that he supported Gordon fully ... which he did by naffing off at the same time as 3 other ministers so leaving the one eyed, son of the manse in the lurch. Good Drills that man!

He was succeeded by...hang on...this can't be right, can it?...Bob Ainsworth!?

(RUMINT) Once in post Hutton saw the serious problems in the MoD budgets and didn't want to be anywhere near defence when the consequences of the MoD planning-round hit the press. He was going anyway, the recent issues with cyclops just provided an opportunity (END OF RUMINT)

What a difference a Month makes.

On the 19th July Mr Hutton scurried out from under the rock he was hiding and slipped Gordon Brown a HUMONGOUS rubber dick in the form of an article in the Sunday Telegraph. In the article he points out that the forces are being underfunded and not supported by the government who seems more interested in afghans going to school than squaddies being blown to buggery. Bit late there Johnnie boy, you could have done this when you had some power but better late than never.