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John Wick

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The man who passed on the details of MPs’ expenses to the Daily Telegraph during 2009. It will come as no surprise that he’s a former SAS officer and so actually supports democracy as well as having a finely-tuned knowledge of how to kick some windows in and defeat the enemy.

It’s unlikely any action will be taken against him after a senior police officer described his actions as being “in the public good”. It’s equally unlikely that a well-deserved CBE is in the post for services to his country, quite unlike the many honourable members who will be elevated to the Lords after being caught with their hands in the till.

Unlikely to go the same way as Dr. David Kelly ... well, not without a fuck off fight and a few dead bodies in gordy's black ops team before Wick succumbs to 'depression' and 'suicide'!

All in all, another victory for the British Army, with good drills from infiltration to exfiltration. Now let’s have the book [Really!]

Sir, you are nails and I salute you.

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