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Joint Services Command and Staff College

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The tri-service staff college, known as The Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC), is now based in RMCS Shrivenham, about 6 miles north of Swindon.

For Majors attending the Advanced Command and Staff Course, known as ACSC, there is a one year course of direct military studies, and a one year Masters Degree course. For Combat Arms (i.e. thickos) this is usually the MDA (Master of Defence Administration), which is a military version of a normal MBA (Master of Business Administration). Officers from the technical corps will more normally do a military related MSc (Master of Sciences).

JSCSC is now also home to the Intermediate Command and Staff Course as well. Also known as ICSC, this course caters for all newly promoted Majors who beiged the previous year. The course is approximately 7 months in duration, and effectively combines the old tech phase from AJD with the LAND component from the single service phase of ACSC (see above), which is being phased out.

In future, and as part of ongoing ROCC implementation, officers will receive professional training in Command and Staff in the following increments:

  • 2Lt/Lt - JOTAC
  • 2Lt - Capt - MK1
  • Capt - MK2
  • Major - ICSC
  • Lt Col - ACSC
  • Pop star waged superman - HCSC

The last three courses will be delivered by JSCSC.