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Joint Strike Fighter

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Stealthy Fighter in 3 flavours

Built in a consortium by Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems as well as a few other people.

Martin-Baker made the Ejection seats.

Known in American service as F-35 and named the Lightning II

A single-seat, single-engined military strike fighter, a multi-role aircraft that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air-to-air combat. Clever eh? All assuming they can get the weight down to allow a payload!

The Future: Directed-energy weapons may be installed in conventional takeoff F-35 Lightning IIs, whose lack of a direct lift fan frees up space and whose engine provides more than 27,000 hp for electrical power. Some concepts, including solid state lasers and high-power microwave beams, may be nearing operational status.

By next decade, The 'Joint Strike Fighter' will also be flown with The Queen's Cannabis Smokers.

Also see F-22 Raptor.