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Joint casualty

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Part of the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency(SPVA), the JCCC is responsible for arranging the notification of a serviceman / woman's emergency contact in the event they are taken ill, injured, or, in the worst case, die in military service in the British Armed Forces. The JCCC is also the point of contact for relatives seeking a serviceman /woman's return home on compassionate grounds from a deployment overseas in the event of a family crisis at home.

Under the policy set out in JSP 751, the JCCC can also arrange visits by the NOK to service personnel in hospital in the UK or overseas at public expense (under the DILFOR scheme), the repatriation of the bodies of service personnel who die overseas to the UK (or their country of origin),the marking of service graves, payments from the MoD to the estate of deceased service personnel and commemorative services following the discovery of human remains on historic battlefields, or at aircraft crash sites.

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The JCCC is located at Innsworth Station, Gloucester and can be contacted 24/7 on: 01452 519951. (In the event of a mass casualty incident a seperate public information / call centre number may be issued)