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Keith Chegwin

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Annoying little tit of a tv presenter from Liverpool whose style is basically BOUNDLESS energy and a cheeky chirpy attitude. See him for 2 seconds and you know he doesn't drink decaf.

Got his big break being the annoying litle tit on Multi-Coloured Swapshop who went places.

Fronted his own bloody stupid kids quiz show called Cheggers Plays Pop.

Got off with, married and then was divorced by the incredible, pouting, OoooooO wot a scorcher, Maggie Philbin. Honestly I'd do her any time, any where!

After he was divorced he sank into a serious booze problem returning to our screens stark bollock naked in some sort of late night nudist quiz show called The Naked Jungle. According to the Daily Mail, the show "plumbed new depths of decency on television". Nows thats saying something!

Gave rise to the saying "Cheggers can't be boozers" - probably

Brother of annoying radio disc-jockey Janice Long.

Keith Chegwin Appreciation Society


Yes, he is naked in the above pic but we have cropped it to prevent ARRSE being sued for Crimes against Humanity.