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Keith Kew

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Who He?

Little is known of this individual, though he was associated with Alec Webster’s PTSD Worldwide scam - and that is more than enough to warrant suspicion. Kew first appeared on the ARRSE radar in 2011 after he was spotted sporting 'that' beret and tooling around in a stripped down 110 at the annual waltfest that is the War & Peace Show the previous year. Kew was claiming - quite openly - to be ‘Dinger’ of Bravo Two Zero fame.

There are those on ARRSE who actually know the real ‘Dinger’ and Kew – being a weasel-faced clown – is nothing remotely like him either in appearance or physique - the real Dinger being a chisel-jawed behemoth... probably. Kew briefly had a Facebook page where he was pictured (face covered) wearing a shemagh. The allusion to service in the SAS was obvious and quite false.

The reason for this page is clear. If you’re going to big-time it at public events, then expect the resultant flak. You will be spotted and have your mugshot posted on ARRSEpedia for posterity. That is all.