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Anglicised version of the Thai name for ladyboys.

Some are entire while others have had the opalation, which consigns the meat & two veg to the skip outside the clinic and installs a brand new flange.

From gen gathered from real LBFMPBRs, (ie ones that were women from birth,) and certain friends who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, if a good opalation has taken place not only is the faux flange very difficult to differentiate from a natural one but the sensation is as good as or better than Coke. Perhaps Flash can elaborate.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, the more usual ones aside Thai culture tends to have female children of a family helping their mother with housework, and in those with only male children the youngest can be selected for these duties. After many years dressing as and in the company of girls and young women, these offspring may continue their lives within the Ktoi subculture.

In Singapore they are generally known as Billyboys.

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