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Country Of Origin United Kingdom
In Service 1997 - Present
Used By Germany Poland UK
Wars Iraq War
Effective Range 1400m
Weight 6.9kg
Length 1230mm
Cartridge .338 Lapua Magnum

The AWM is a sniper rifle manufactured by Accuracy International. It is also known as the AWSM (Super Magnum).

In use with the Royal Marines, RAF Regiment and of course, the Army. Other countries, such as Poland, Russia, Germany and the South Korean's use them, mainly as the sniper rifle of choice in their Special Forces units.

As of 2nd May 2010, media reports of a Household Cavalry Corporal setting a new world-record for the longest distance of a kill. Hitting two Taliban insurgents and disabling their weapon at 2,475m would beat the previous record set by a Canadian sniper in 2002.