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LOL (or Laugh Out Loud) is the most abused abbreviation on the internet. But what does it mean? Usually one of these:

  1. Laugh out loud, or laughing out loud.
  2. By some: Lots of laughs.
  3. Also used when something is not funny, but you pity the person anyway.
  4. "Ah shit!!!1 I don't know anytin else to say, cos I is a n00b!!1!"
  5. Lots of love
  6. Dutch word meaning 'fun'
  7. Welsh word meaning 'fucking around'/being rowdy'
  8. Love our Lord
  9. Loads of Laughter (see below)
  10. I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation

Grammatical Usage

Be careful to use the special formatting rules for the verb to LOL.

  • I LOL
  • you (sg.) LOL
  • he/there are no females on the internet/it LOLs
  • we LOL
  • you (pl.) LOL
  • they LOL

The past tense is of LOL is, naturally LOL'd, it is the same in all persons and number.