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Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers

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The Lancastrian and Cumbrian Volunteers were formed in 1999 with a HQ at Kimberley Barracks, Preston. The regiment was an amalgamation of 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, the King's Own Royal Border Regiment and 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, the Queen's Lancashire Regiment.

  • HQ (Quebec) Company - Kimberley Barracks, Preston, formed from HQ Coy 4QLR
  • A Tobruk (KORBR) Company - Barrow in Furness with Platoon at Lancaster (amalgamation of HQ Coy and C Coy 4KORBR)
  • B Somme (QLR) Company - Preston with Platoon at Blackpool (amalgamation of HQ Coy and B Coy 4QLR; redesignated later as D Coy at Blackpool)
  • C Sicily (KORBR) Company - Workington with Platoon at Carlisle (amalgamation of A Coy and D Coy 4KORBR)
  • D Waterloo (QLR) Company - Blackburn with Platoon at Bury (amalgamation of A Coy and C Coy 4QLR; redesignated later as B Coy)

In 2006 the companies reorganised as follows:

  • HQ Company - Preston
  • A (King's) Company - Liverpool (transferred from the King's and Cheshire Regiment)
  • B (QLR) Company - Blackburn with Platoon at Blackpool (amalgamation of B Coy and D Coy)
  • C (KORBR) Company - Workington with Platoons at Carlisle and Barrow (amalgamation of A Coy and C Coy)
  • D (King's) Company - Manchester with Platoon at Bury (transferred from the KCR

The regiment became the 4th Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment (King's, Lancashire and Border) shortly after.

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