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Las Vegas

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Hurricane Higgins strikes Vegas

Las Vegas is a specialist city in the USA dedicated to the separating of suckers from their money. It is very much like Blackpool only much larger and with significantly less Porridge Wogs per square mile. It's also drier, though it sometimes snows - and is slap bang in the middle of the US Hurricane belt... probably.

Squatting in the Nevada desert, Las Vegas has all the charm of a 6 month dead weasel after a Bear has wiped his arrse on it. It has an approximate population of 1,800,000 all of whom are either casino staff, showgirls, prostitutes, pimps, thieves, conmen, bartenders or Tom Jones.

The Strip is a 4 mile long collection of casinos, hotels, clubs and bars that took its techniques of revenue gathering from Gordon Brown's tax policies in the UK.

Nellis Air force Base is right next door. It's often said that Area 51 personnel often live in Vegas and commute to their alien- related studies from Nellis... weekends playing blackjack, weekdays probing aliens.

It's often said that 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. Well, as OJ Simpson found out, what happens in Vegas gets you banged up for 15 years.