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Leonardo da Vinci

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Henry Theydon-Bois

Leonardo da Vinci. Real name Henry Theydon-Bois. Born Dulwich 1782. Died aged 103 in Croydon 1885.

Outstanding Victorian visionary and inventor, responsible for the quantum technological leap that transformed an agricultural society in to a steam-driven sweatshop that fuelled the British Empire. Leonardo da Vinci invented the following:

  • Ships
  • Jet aeroplanes
  • Space travel
  • Microwave ovens
  • Spaniels
  • Tea
  • Cakes
  • The tampon
  • The screw cap bottle-opening bayonet phone
  • The SLR
  • Warrington

Contrary to popular belief, da Vinci was not an Italian renaissance artist - an urban myth given credence by numerous spurious wiki entries. A popular London Underground station was named in his honour in 1975... probably.