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No longer an active station, Churchill Barracks, Lippstadt used to be a very popular posting up until it was closed in the early 1990s. It was the home of two regiments, 22 Signal Regiment and 27 Field Regiment RA.

The town is situated on the B55 between Gutersloh and Soest, surrounded by very flat countryside. It is less than an hour's drive to the Mohne See if you liked sailing, Winterberg if you like skiing and Dortmund for concerts, shopping and a good night out.

The people in the town of Lippstadt seemed to be happy to accept the soldiers posted there and relations between the British and the Germans were very good. Despite the number of pubs in the town it was rare to find one in which you were actually 'Out of Bounds' even if there was a sign saying that you were, and even if you did there were enough other pubs about for it not to matter.

One of the great plus points about the area was the total lack of natural features on the landscape. This lead to it being one of the easiest BFT routes in the army with the only hill on the route being the flyover over the B55. In later years the route was changed, the new one consisting of twice around the Drop Shorts' garages and accommodation (which was dandy as it didn't get boring at all when we did 8 BFTs a friggin month). Also, the new BFT route was noted for a nice even surface...... cobble stones FFS!

After standing derelict for a few years the barracks has since been turned into a pleasant and well kept housing scheme.


The former barracks in 2001 and 2004.

The picturesque Bökenförde, one of the nicer MQ locations (in German).