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Little Bird

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Hughes MH6 'Little Bird'
Type Light Attack and Observation Heli
Manufacturer Boeing/Hughes USA
Status Active
Initial Year of Service 1964


  • 1x 30mm Chain Gun
  • 2x M134 7.62mm Miniguns
  • 2 x M261 7-shot Rocket Pod
  • 2 x M260 19-shot Rocket Pod
  • 2 x AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-Tank Missiles
  • 2 x 12.7mm GAU-19 Gatling Guns
  • 2 x TOW Anti-Tank Missiles
  • 2 x Stinger Anti-Tank Missiles


  • Length - 32.00ft
  • Wingspan/Width - 26.35ft
  • Height - 9.85ft


  • Maximum Speed - 175mph
  • Maximum Range - 430km
  • Service Ceiling - 18,500ft


  • 2 Crew + 6 Operators on fixed benches.

Probably most recognisable from Black Hawk Down, the Little Bird is a key componant of the US Air Force's light-attack role. It packs awesome firepower and quick speed and manuoeverbility.