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A luscious lovely and a classic ARRSE-Maiden who may or may not be in Wales and who may or may not be lost - although she certainly knows her way around ARRSE Chat so she can't be that lost. Or does that mean that she is hopelessly lost? You decide...

A - One hot mamma!!! Knows how to sweet talk when needs be and that Cypriot charm, well guys, you need to meet her! A good lass and can hold a good convo over drinks!

Date Joined 06 July 2005
Posts Sometimes
Location Desolate Waste Ground

More About Lost Girl

  • Fast lady - bikes and cars: male agression, female knack of getting away with it - but remember, the speed cameras don't care how nice your tits are so it's a level playing field now!
  • Girly navigator - has the whotsit thingummy that tells you where to go (a bloke would call it a Map but the girls call it a tom-tom or somesuch, I think they get them from Sin Delites)