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Speed bump on the way to Paris.

Luxembourg is a tiny principality in the Ardennes (that means that the monarch is a Grande Duke for some vague reason and that the weather is worse than in Wales) wedged in between Belgium, France and Germany.

The only interesting thing about it is that it is virtually tax free and therefore has low petrol and liquor prices.

The language the Luxembourgeois speak is called Hetzenbourgs and ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE other than the 80.000 or so locals even remotely understands it! Besides that everyone in Luxembourg either speaks French and/or German or is fluent in English. They don't really need their own language.

Interesting for the TA is the yearly ASORL Night Patrol exercise. A sort of Cambrian Patrol-Lite held for reservist units in the Ardennes.

The Luxembourgean army is a battalion sized unit trained, equiped and set up like a USAREUR unit. All Luxembourgean soldiers are very Butch and are trained in traffic control in case the Krauts come belting through the Ardennes on their way to France ... again!