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DE Machrihanish

So secret, it has a sign!

A (allegedly) weird place in Scotland near Campbeltown, famous for its golf course and a former RAF airfield. For years, rumours abounded regarding secret US aircraft types operating from 'Mac's' long runway.

Anyone who'd actually been there whilst it was under US Navy tenancy would probably be dismissive of such bollocks, as a detachment to 'Mac' was usually anticipated with some degree of dread. Despite a SEAL team lodging there - their presence no doubt contributing to the conspiracy theories, there was surprisingly little to write home about.

A Triangle Shaped Aircraft

Hope this doesn’t end in a fireball!

There is also a mystery about flying black triangles in the sky, but these are not confined to 'Mac's' locale. Whilst these anomalous craft undoubtedly exist (just ask the Belgian Air Force), quite who (or what) is operating them has never been established.

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