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Margaret Thatcher

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The Iron Mrs T

Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher (1925-2013) was only the grocer's daughter, but she ruled Britain with an iron fist from 1979-1990 when she was replaced by her own party (and succeeded by John Major) after she went a bit nuts and said she would rule forever.

She was the first female Prime Minister and is viewed by many as the best PM of recent years, especially as she broke up the unions and got lazy left wingers off their fat arses and into work. The basis of it all is she knew where she was going and everyone else had to follow suit. The miners of course being invincible (or so they thought) weren't happy one bit and decided to go on strike, leading to their own downfall thanks to the old tyrant Arthur Scargill who's now a sad and bitter old Cunt.

No matter what you say about her, she was hard as nails and sent us off to fight in the Falklands War.

Once retired from front line politics she became a successful consultant and speaker, until a series of small strokes forced her to step back from public life. Later in life her daughter revealed that she had been suffering from dementia, although some less charitable people consider she had been suffering from something similar for many decades.

She was married to Denis (now deceased). He appeared to be a booze soaked old duffer but in reality was a successful businessman who felt his role was to stay out of the limelight. If only Blair's other half had a tenth of his humility and sense.

Her daughter Carol appears to be turning into a fair approximation of her mother, showing her nails in winning I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! in 2005. Mrs T's thick son Mark (Carol's twin... and you can see who got all the smarts and spine between them) funds coup attempts in small African countries.

Many consider that the Thatcher years are now looking to be a golden time, with the Brown years looking to be fucking misery. Then again see also Cunt if you happen to be an ex-coal miner or socialist who she banished forever from these shores.

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