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A confederation of asiatic horse archers originating from around Mongolia oddly enough. Created a huge empire starting in China but spread at the tip of a VERY sharp lance all the way to Western Europe/India/Middle East.

Founded by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. Genghis was such a dude that about 0.5% of the blokes in the world today are descended from him (thats about 15 million!).

Possibly some of the most ruthless barstewards this world has ever seen but claim never to have started a war ... but by gum did they finish them. In 200 years of conquest they may have killed more than 75 million people in an extremely messy way. When they stormed a city they killed everyone, every animal, every pet and stacked their heads in large pyramids. They then razed the city to the ground. You did NOT get to cross these guys twice... bit like the Inland Revenue but with swords.

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Not related in any way to Mongs so beloved by MDN.