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Boring half-wit, who has racked up more posts than the Royal Mail, and labours under the tremendous self delusion that he's actually quite funny. In fact, he is right down there with the Burberry-wearing protozoa we see hanging around our local shopping precincts asking for a fag, 50p or sitting around drinking Tennents Super or the cheapest shittiest cider they can buy. In Scotland he would be a Buckfast drinker.

This is one user who will not follow the crowd, usually because he's too stupid to comprehend the points people are trying to make. And is thus generally held in contempt by most ARRSE users. We're stuck with him for the long haul, unfortunately, as he hasn't taken the hint and fucked off.

Bottled out of a meeting with Dale the snail.

Prime example of the Dullards as espoused by MDN.

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