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Moving Day

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Don’t Panic!

Your removal firm will be doing the packing so you don't have to. You can concentrate on the family and pets!

Remember to keep your emergency kit and any overnight essentials with you - should there be any delays with the removals or if you are staying somewhere overnight you'll want them at hand.

Have any bits you need to keep the family amused on the journey ready - favourite toys, picnic, pet food etc and keep these separate from the packers!

Check the House

Once the removal firm have finished packing walk around the house to ensure you have left nothing behind. Remember to give your new address to the removal firm as well as an emergency contact number so that they can get in touch in case of delays.

Handover Accommodation

Your housing agency will have a handover procedure which they will have discussed with you. As part of the handover your utility meters will be read and the house checked against your original handover when you moved in. Make sure you agree with the handover document before you sign it and keep a copy of this with your essential documents for future reference. Moving Home. Opens in a new window.

At Your New Home

When you arrive the housing office representative will have the keys and go over your new accommodation - it is important that you check for any existing damage or wear and tear in the house before you sign your handover agreement. Make sure you agree with it - this is the document that will be used at your leaving handover when you will be held responsible for differences in the condition of the house.

When the removal firm have finished remember to check they have left nothing in the van. Try to get the essential items of furniture, like your beds, assembled first and encourage the firm to unpack if that is part of the agreement - they may want to move on but you need to be sure that all your belongings have arrived and in the same condition they left your last house. Do not sign the removals receipt for the move unless you are sure your belongings have all arrived safely.

If things have got broken or lost make your own note of it and get the removal firm to sign it.

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