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So simple only a child can understand it!

A failed/failing (depending on one's viewpoint) experiment in Utopian social engineering espoused by a naive liberal elite. Multiculturalism fails to take in to account the basic traits and tenets of the Human Race, i.e. that we are only a couple of chromosomes away from hairy-arsed, territorial, knuckle-dragging serial killers - and in the case of Serbs, Chechens and hairy-arsed territorials, not even a couple of chromosomes.

Humans are by nature, tribal and not quite the gregarious coterie that the Islingtonites would have you believe. It is true that migration has been going on since a bored monkey first learned to walk upright to see if Ashford really was worth visiting, and indeed a natural ebb & flow of people to-ing & fro-ing is healthy, prevents stagnation, and enriches society in general - especially in the restaurant department. People find their own way without being managed, and a natural balance ensures some civil stability. An unmanaged one-sided melee, however, is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, those who know better (or rather think they do) have decided that it is simply not sufficient for society to be allowed to find its own feet. It needs managing. In fact it needs more than that: it needs changing. As card-carrying liberals, they feel duty bound to fuck everything up beyond all recognition. Option B it is then.

In an act of gross negligence - and social suicide, the idiots that make the decisions have decided that the entire population of Planet Earth (and probably a couple of other worlds judging by what's marauding around the streets) will fit in Yorkshire!

Many years ago, a rather clever (and often misquoted) gentleman named Enoch Powell predicted quite vociferously (and poetically) that immigration would end up in tears. His famous 'Rivers of Blood' speech was met with howls of derision at the time, but he may yet be vindicated. Frankly, given the levels of deferment given to Islamic types (1.5m telling 55m of us what we cannot say or do or think), the smart money is on them being the first to experience a ... errr ...'cultural' backlash.

Watch and shoot, targets will fall when hit!!