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NATO Bosnia

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The Former Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) medal or Bosnia medal as it is often referred to by members of HM Forces was awarded to service personnel who contributed to Alliance operations in the former Yugoslavia between 1 July 1992 and 3 December 2002.

To qualify for this medal you had to have served 30 days continuous or accumulated service within the area of operations inside the former Yugoslavia or 90 days within the theatre but outside the FRY.

The obverse of the medal has the NATO star emblem, in a wreath of olive leaves. The reverse has the words "NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANISATION" around the outer edge, and the "IN SERVICE OF PEACE AND FREEDOM" in the centre, both of which are also in French. There was one clasp issued with the medal, which is the FORMER YUGOSLAVIA clasp.

The medal ribbon is NATO blue with narrow white strips towards the edge and is 1.44" wide. Numerals may also be worn on the ribbon if the soldier has served multiple tours.

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