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The Dutch TA. Short for Korps Nationale Reserve, or in the Kings' English: National Reserve Corps. Lotsh of butsh blokesh wif stachesh and riflesh. You'll love itsh!

Some of the more prominent polderdwelling members of this site are serving soldiers in this Corps.

Five general service infantry battalions worth of the most ludicrously dedicated men (especially when you know how the government treats them). The battalions are regional in nature. There's one in the North (Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe); one in the West (North- and South Holland); one in the east (Overijssel, Gelderland and Polders); one in the South (North Brabant, Limburg and Zeeland) and one in the middle (Utrecht).

The Korps Nationale Reserve is a Corps in the regimental sense of the word. Part of the reserve, but not of the Corps are 1 CIMIC battalion and 400 Medical battalion. The specialist officers that deal with military assistance to civil authorities (the Security Region Officers) are part of the Corps.

Since the main task of the Natres is national defence and internal security, with military assistance as a good runner up, the battalions lost all support weapons. To add insult to injury, the Corps has last year lost its infantry association and is now classed as 'General Service'. The powers that be are still puzzled as to why no regulars that leave the army want to join the reserve... They also don't understand why a lot of SNCO's seem to be leaving and why the Airforce (RNLAF) reserve (The ground security -read RAF Regiment squadrons also have a reserve variant, which is actually deployed!), which is taken seriously by its parent service seems to attract so many people...

Update: As of late 2008 the Dutch MOD have a bit of a problem. They've opened a lot of their vacancies to people who want to re-enlist. This started an exodus and now the cream of the Natres are leaving the corps to become regulars again