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Officers Bird

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Officers Bird
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Potential Officer.
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Loveley little thing that remains true to her lucky bloke (Bat turned Trog) despite everyone's best efforts.

Maintains that she's always on best behavior at officer parties while wiping her arrse on the curtains and rimming people's drinks.

Despite this, looks durty as a durty thing and is one of the few good looking maidens.

OB is also known to sing ad nauseum when tiddled, often to ballads of the Whitney variety whilst trying to dance like a seductive Britney on coke - classy!!!

Wanders round the house naked and sleeps in the same bed as Flowers


She's single again!!! She was caught taking up skirt camera shots of the CO's wife (for her personal collection) while rimming the CO's G&T. Mr OB thought it bad for career prospects and ditched her.

Rumours of her already playing the field are only wild accusations, mainly started by me.

Of course she immediatly PM'd the best looking bloke on arrse, to tell him she had longed to have his babies, after all.