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Orde Wingate

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Barking Nutter ... but he's OUR barking nutter!

Major General Orde Wingate DSO (1903-1944).

British organiser and creator of special units in Palestine (the Special Night Squads), Ethiopia (the multi-national Gideon Force) and India (the Chindits).

Described by Churchill's doctor as "hardly sane" and an exemplary member of the Awkward Squad: "It is because I am what I am, objectionable though that appears to my critics, that I win battles."

Revered in Israel to this day, where his skills and example were a major factor in the formation of the WW2 Jewish Brigade in North Africa, and the formation of IDF.

The Wingate Institute is a military compound 20 miles north of Tel Aviv on the briny shores of the sandy Mediterranean: mostly used as a training centre for the Sayeret Matkal, they recoup their costs by charging international Walts pots of cash to have Yossi and Co shoe the shit of out them per Krav Maga.