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PC World

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The Horror House

WARNING: This article may contain raving, abuse of said shop and facts that may have been slightly distorted. Still, that's the modern world for you.

PC World is a shop full of cunts. Simple. It's usually staffed by small ginger kids, or tubby heifers that look like they're having withdrawal symptoms from lunchtime's Ginsters.

Only take your PC or laptop to be repaired at the store's "clinic" if you want to wait two months for a simple software fix and/or 'sorry'. Oh, and be sure to delete any questionable material from the hard drive before letting the tech chimps play with your pride and joy. Isn't that right, Mr Gadd?

Of course these days the PC bit of PC world is a cunning misnomer, unless it stands for pricy chair, plastic campervan or perhaps pin cushion. Basically anything other than personal computer, although rare examples can still can be found behind the shredders, telescopes (I fib yay nay) and other assorted tat.

To liven up your dull shopping trip don’t forget to ask if they do an extended warranty on packs of printer paper (but don’t be all that surprised if they do).