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This page is a marker for a 'soon to be populated' page that explains the progress of the PECOC Project. It will push out to the military masses the disclosable information already circulating within organisations such as Land, DECs and DG&S where its already being freely discussed.

The aims will be to:

Give an overview of the history behind clothing procurement and the basic aims and constraints of the PECOC project (Jan) Destroy some urban myths about clothing and equipment, its procurement, funding and the realities of being a small buyer in a global market. (Feb) Discuss the issues that are prompting a root and branch look at the type of clothing and equipment that are on personal issue. (Feb) Deal with each component area by discussing the problem, looking at potential solutions and concluding with some indications of what might emerge at the end of the project. (Feb \ Jun) --Kitmonster 22:52, 6 January 2008 (UTC)