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Pantsir S1

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All singing, all dancing

The Pantsir S1 is a short to medium range air defence system developed by Russia as a successor to the Tunguska M1. It can be mounted on a variety of wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as stationary platforms. It's armament consists of twelve 57E6 or 57E6-E surface-to-air missiles, as well as two 30mm anti-air auto-cannon guns.

The fire control system includes a target acquisition radar and a dual waveband tracking radar, which give the Pantsir a detection range of 32-36 kilometres with a 24-28 kilometre tracking range. The actual firing range is 20 kilometres.

The Pantsir's primary roles are to provide air defence for:

  1. Civil and military point and area targets.
  2. For motorized or mechanized troops up to regimental size.
  3. For S-300 and S-400 long range air defence units.

The Pantsir provides air defence against a variety of targets, including airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, and cruise missiles

It is also claimed that the Pantsir can detect stealth planes like the B2, but this is unconfirmed as of yet.

Note: Only the tracked variant will be able to fire on the move, due to wheeled vehicles being too unstable as a firing platform.