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Also known as peanuts or a pittance.

It is often messed about with and not issued as it should be on a monthly basis.

TA Pay is based on Regular pay minus 7%, which is known as X-Factor. The logic behind this is that a Regular Soldier is instantly deployable, whereas it takes a few weeks to mobilise a TA Soldier.

TA also get a Bounty if they complete all of their mandatory training and 27 days (Independent Units) or 19 days (Specialist Units) (including a two week camp or course). This is tax free:

  • Year 1 - £340.00
  • Year 2 - £800.00
  • Years 3 & 4 - £1300.00
  • Year 5+ - £1505.00

Details of criteria can be found in Joint Service Publication 754 TRI-SERVICE REGULATIONS FOR PAY AND CHARGES Link to Armynet for service users.[1]