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Peter Mandelson

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Lord Mandy of Rhumba

Don't ya just love this guy? Living proof that turds can not only be polished, but that they can be bulled up brighter than a bright thing in a well lit room on a sunny day. More slimy than a well-greased frog wearing an Int. Corps beret, this cnut knows all the moves, i.e. how to keep in with the in crowd - despite being a serial fcuk up.

This is the individual directly responsible for the creation of the monster that is New Labour. But his Brazilian boyfriend loves him anyhow. Fully paid up member of the Bilderberg Group.

In any normal walk of life, having lost your job twice - whilst working for the same company - would preclude you from any chance of getting another opportunity to go for a hat-trick - and quite right too, as something is obviously very wrong with your work ethic. Unfortunately, in the Alice in Wonderland world of politics, being a conniving, lying spiv are laudable attributes, and any kind of track record - no matter how miserable or useless - is blatantly ignored.

Strike One

Mandelson initially resigned as Trade and Industry Secretary in 1998 after he 'forgot' to mention a large loan he had been bunged from a fellow minister (and millionaire), Geoffrey Robinson - who just happened to be under investigation by his own department. Oops!

Strike Two

His second resignation from the office of Northern Ireland Secretary (2001) followed him being bubbled for trying to blag a passport on behalf of a billionaire businessman (and Millennium Dome sponsor) - and Labour donor - Scrichand Hinduja. Oh... bugger!

Strike Three Pending

It is therefore no real surprise that this specimen has reappeared on the political scene. To add insult to injury, Mandelson has somehow been re-appointed as a Cabinet Minister - this time as Business Secretary. Great idea: putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Lord Sleeze

The real icing sur la gateau is that with his new position goes a fcuking peerage. This is basically saying that the bigger a lying, cheating, swindling piece of shit you are, the bigger the reward. The very existence of this creature in one of Her Majesty's great Offices of State is a slap in the face to every hard-working, law-abiding individual who's paid their way and kept their noses clean.

Already some very dodgy contacts between Mandy and some Russian oligarchs have surfaced where Mandy changed EU rules and the ruskies got immediately wealthier. Watch this space in case the weasel gets caught in the hen house ... again.

Slimey Cnut

Proof (if any were needed) that Lord Mandy is slimy was delivered when Leila Deen, a green protester (her politics are green, not the woman herself) doused the weasely politico in green coloured custard as a blow against the proposed third runway at Heathrow. See the incident here. The poor woman was later (several days later) arrested for what was a public service I would have said.

[I want to have a shower in bleach every time I see this cnut... just... uuugh!]

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