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Petroleum Operator

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Officially - responsible for the procurement, receipt, storage, quality, assurance, issue and disposal of Fuels lubricants and associated products. Pet Ops are required to recce, site, construct, operate, de-construct and maintain Bulk Fuel Installations.

Are also responsible for A/C refuelling, Ship to Shore refuelling, Multi Product Pumping operations, tactical and technical control of deployed pipeline systems. Also provide the deloyed formation with technical expertise and capability.

Un-officially - feckin dogsbody that is abused by Tpt Regts who have no understanding or concept on how a BFI actually works (but it looks good on visits). Pet Ops are exceptionally good looking and renowned for their ability to 'pull' in the toughest venues on the planet. Pet Ops do not mix well with other loggies and will react dangerously with AT's. May spontaneously combust if left alone with TSW Suppliers.

Able to drink their own body weight in beer and start fights in empty rooms (and lose) the Pet Op is at his most dangerous when left on his own in a room full of other Pet Ops. He will instantly revert to 'Back Stab' mode and will be observed 'giving it shifty' around senior officers and visitors.

Frequently found organising 'w@nking competitions' and 'name that turd' extravaganza's the Pet Op will not only lighten your wallet, make you smile and bum your OC - he is without doubt the hardest working loggie in the Corps.

Pet Ops can be found in the following Regular units:

Pet Ops can be found in the following Territorial units: