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Piper MacKenzie

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Piper MacKenzie is a ghost reported to haunt Redford Barracks in Edinburgh. John MacKenzie was a Piper in the 7th Battalion, The Black Watch during the First World War. In 1917 he was working with Pipers in the Lothian and Border Horse, attached to the Scots Greys who were stationed at the Cavalry Barracks. One night, as Orderley Piper, MacKenzie marched around the camp playing "Lights Out". While returning to Band block (now building 18) he marched past the main gate. For some reason, when challenged by the guard he did not answer and, in the guard's panic he was shot through the heart, killing him instantly.

Today it is said that he remains at the barracks, wandering between the gate and building 18 by night, and the haunting melody of his pipes can be heard, playing the Black Watch lights out call "Donald Blue".