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Planning Your Move

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Consider your housing needs. Do you require Service Families Accommodation (SFA)? If you live in SFA in Great Britain you must notify the Defence Estates Housing Directorate (DE-HD) that you are posted within 14 days of receiving posting notifications. You should also submit an application for SFA if you require it in your new location. See the moving housing page for more detail.

Buying, Selling or Renting Housing

If you live in your own accommodation then you may wish to let or sell your property. You can obtain the contact details for local estate/letting agents from the HIVE. You may be entitled to assistance with legal expenses or other relocation expenses. Unit personnel/allowance staff will be able to advise you. If you wish to move into SFA at your new location you must submit an application form to DE-HD or the appropriate housing staff for Northern Ireland/Overseas.

Start Thinking about Children’s Schooling

Moving schools can be difficult. There are not always places at your preferred school so start early to give yourself more time to resolve problems. Find out details of schools in your new location from the Local Education Authority (LEA), the local HIVE and Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS).

Some parents may wish to consider boarding school for their child to ensure continuity of education. See our education information pages and ask your pay office about Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA). CEAS have information on boarding schools and advise on how to select the school to best meet your child’s needs.


Visit childcarelink for information childcare in England, Scotland and Wales. Childcare/child-minding is the responsibility of the individual. This can be difficult to find so you are advised to make enquiries as to what is available in your new area as soon as possible- you may have to join a waiting list. Your local HIVE can give you advice on local availability.


When moving, check that you have all the appropriate medical documents, including you NHS cards, with you. A copy of your NHS card can be obtained from your GP. If you or your family have special needs or health requirements you are encouraged to inform your unit personnel staff. See the health pages for more detail.


If you are experiencing problems at home and the posting is causing distress, contact your unit welfare staff for help and support.

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