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Police and Special Constable Walts

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The names Walt ....

Michael Newitt was a failed businessman from Leicestershire, who managed to fool the Police into thinking he was a Special Agent. He started his walting in 2006 and he carried a fake ID card with which he posed as a "Commander" of an Specialist Armed Firearms unit even going so far as adopting CMG after his name in true James Bond style. His Volvo car was fitted with blue flashing strobe lights in the radiator grills. He managed to stop a drunk driver on the M6 one night. He also had replica firearms.

On another occasion he turned up at Hinkley Police Station, saying he was a Metropolitan Police Commander on an operation, he managed to get a Police officer to issue him with a Police pocket note book. As well as police officers he also managed to fool his wife that he was involved in special operations.

He was only found out when he made a phone call to Hinkley police station saying he had information about drugs, the PC he spoke to had a military background and was suspicious of his fake title and following a few discreet inquiries later arrested him.

Police found he had possession of a pair of handcuffs, a friction-lock baton, three air weapons and ammunition, seven flash grenades, shredded identity documents, four non-functioning police radio handsets and earpieces.

Newitt admitted five fake ID card offences, fraudulently claiming to be a police officer and carrying two imitation firearms: a replica Glock 9mm pistol and a commando rifle.

He was jailed for two years.

Michael Hewitt James Bond fantatist

MI5 Walt

Alder, 48, who had denied wrongdoing, was jailed for 14 years.

We then have the curious case of Marcus Alder, of Offord Darcy, Cambridgeshire, who had a fake MI5 identity card and drove a BMW with the registration, MI5 SPY. what makes this story all the more shocking is he is a former policeman who should have known better. He was jailed by Peterborough crown court for a string of offences including fraud, firearms offences, perverting the course of justice, perjury,and several other offences.


When he found his friend Philip Tyssen-Gee dead he tried to claim the dead mans fortune by pretending to be the mans homosexual lover and faked his suicide note and tried to trick the dead mans relatives in handing over £100,000.

Police who raided Alders home found a note on his computer saying "I am just after Phil's money. It's true, I am a dodgy git but definitely hetero."

Jurors heard that Alder carried a fake MI5 identity card - which incorrectly spelled the name of the intelligence agency's director general

Marion Bastin, the Crown Prosecution Service's Cambridgeshire district Crown prosecutor, said Alder "was so motivated by greed that he used threats of violence, guns, swords and other weapons to intimidate and blackmail his victims".

Marcus Alder MI5 Walt

Trojan AFO Walt

On the forum a character called Trojan appeared and spent considerable time pretending to an Metropolitan Police Authorised Firearms Officer.

Howatson was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Stuart Howatson, 31, from Bewdly also manage to con his wife,family and friends that was he was a policeman. His downfall coming when a tip-off to the Met’s Anti-Corruption Command led to his arrest.

Howatson porkies included:

  • AFO
  • Police Dog handler
  • Close Protection Officer for the Queen

At his 2006 wedding he even told guests that the MET Commissioner (Sir John 'Swifty' Stevens), would be attending, and set a dinner place for him at the reception.

When the Comissioner failed to arrive on the day, Howatson explained his absence in his speech, saying security issues had stopped him attending.

Stuart Howatson

Special Constable Walt

West Country Cop had been to university with friends who had joined the Special Constabulary and were members of the forum, to which he also joined once he had finished uni. He was known online as West Country Cop and was apparently living in the Essex area whilst working for Job-Centre Plus, In the meantime he had got married and his wife had a baby boy. People started to grow suspicious and suddenly he was telling everyone he had been in a car crash which had injured his back so he had to temporarily give up being a Special Constable. Suspicions still continued to be raised particularly when a new member joined the forum who worked for Job-Centre Plus and was amazed at the porkies that he was telling. It then transpired that he was having marital difficulties and was going to get divorced however his lies had caught up with him, as far as anyone could tell he had not ever been a member of Essex Police, it was doubtful that he worked at a Jobcentre (Britain's first Job-Centre Plus walt?) and his wife and son were other parts of his life which were made up.

Police Cadet Walt

Ryan Corsini, was 24 year old shop assistant from Bethnal Green in London, who had boasted to colleagues that he was working undercover, and showed them a fake police badge and told them: "This is the power, I love it,"

Unfortunately he wasn't and ended up at the Old Bailey, the whole sorry story can be read here:

Ryan Corsini

He ended up with an eight month prison sentence suspended for 18 months after he admitted making a false statement, theft, making a false representation and impersonating a police officer.


On the Policespecials forum a character called Sgt Al appeared who claimed to be a member of the Irish GARDA in Dublin, however he was later sussed out to be lying after numerous people went to Dublin on jollies and he failed to show, discreet inquiries showed that no such person actually existed and a teenage student Sgt Al admits all later admitted that the persona was allowed to get out of hand as he was bored. It should also be noted that he was friends with West Country Cop (see above).

GARDA Walt 2

Sex Offender Devine

William Devine (who was 41 at time of the offence) was caught dangerously driving his Ford Mondeo car (which had been fitted with aerials so it looked like an unmarked patrol car).

In court he admitted that he had stopped members of the public at least four times whilst dressed as a Garda. He was convicted for further offenses of possessing firearms and child porn.

The (real) GARDA found three unlicensed firearms, 175 rounds of blank shotgun ammunition and around 72 images of naked and semi-naked boys from eight to 15 years old downloaded on to A4 photographic paper and bound in an album.

He had also bragged to officers searching his home that he had more "Police" type equipment than them.

Derwin was given an 18-month suspended sentence and his name was added on the sex offenders' register.

More on the sorry story can be found here