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Posting Pictures On ARRSE

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This page is for the benefit of those pre-Cold-War types who have only just ditched their typewriters in favour of online typing, and have not yet got to grips with the subtleties of incorporating images from other websites into the body of their own ARRSE posts.

It is a doddle.

'Firefox Users

1. Put your cursor on the picture and right click on it. You should see a drop-down menu like this:


2. Select "Copy image location", and click on it - the URL for the image (long web filename, usually ending in ".jpg" )is now saved to your clipboard.

3. Return to the thread on which you wish to post the picture, and click on the "Reply" button. Look across the top of the reply box, find the button for "Insert Image" - circled in red, below, and click it:


4. A box will appear (see below), asking for the URL you have just saved to your clipboard:


5. Paste the URL into the box, EITHER by simultaneously pressing the keys "Ctrl" and "V", or (as shown below) by right clicking in the box, and choosing "Paste":


6. Then you click the "OK" button, and Ta Daaa!!! The URL of your piccie will appear in the reply box:


Note that the URL is now sandwiched between two tags "[IMG]" and "[\IMG]" . Some people simply type these into the reply box, then paste the URL in between them.

7. Now you have a choice: you can click "Post Quick Reply" - but I wouldn't. I'd click "Go Advanced" - to preview the post and the image (be warned that you are "Hotlinking" to another site, so although your chosen image may appear in the preview, that does not mean it is 100% certain to appear on other users screens (or yours, for that matter). This is because some sites object to villains like you nicking their bandwidth, so they take steps to stop hotlinks working. O well.

Internet Explorer Users

8. This being a Microsoft product, it is designed to be more difficult to use. Well that's how it feels, anyway.

9. Right-click on your chosen image, select the drop-down option "Properties", and click on it:


10. The properties box will pop up. Use click-and-drag to select the URL (all of it, from "http" to ".jpg" ). Copy it - "Ctrl" and "C" keys together, or with a right-click followed by selecting "Copy" as shown


Thereafter, follow Steps 3 to 7 above.