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Pre-Packing Checklist

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Prepare for packers

  • Confirm arrangements with your removal firm and discuss packing arrangements.
  • Make arrangements for move day - childcare arrangements, transport etc.
  • Arrange to finish work - if you are eligible to claim Job Seekers Allowance read our advice on leaving work so as to maximise your claim
  • Confirm your move-in date with your appropriate housing office at new station at least 15 days in advance
  • If you have pets make suitable arrangements for their travel. You must check that you can take your pet with you if going abroad, get details of the Pet Travel Scheme.
  • There are certain restrictions on the movement of plants or seeds visit DEFRA for more information.
  • Double check all arrangements with the many agencies you have been dealing with. This gives you the opportunity to sort out the final details and rectify any potential problems.
  • Three Days Prior to Move, pack a bag with the essentials you may need such as a change of clothes, essential toiletries or medication. Include a survival kit for the other end:
light bulbs
toilet rolls
a screwdriver
list of important telephone numbers
  • You will need to empty and defrost your fridge/freezer on the day before you move, and if you have any rented equipment you will need to arrange its return.
  • Give a thought to what will happen to your pets when the packers arrive. They will need to leave doors open and have safe access throughout your house, so you may wish to make arrangements for your animals.

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