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Problem Feet

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Problem Feet AKA Problem Boots

What follows worked for me in my unit but may not work for you in yours - good luck!

Some advice from someone who has just been through the system with 'problem feet' and, thanks to various Arrsers advice, was able to secure two buckshee pairs of: boots, supportive, posing and tabbing for the use of!

For anyone who suffers from pronating feet or other medical foot related issues that don't/ wont bar you from joining/ staying in HM forces read on.

Having suffered from pains in my legs/ knees and shins after running that weren't the usual aches/ pains after a good blast, I went to a local specialist sports shop for a 'gait analysis' of my running on the advice of a friend at my running club.

The physio at the shop was an ex forces PTI (and former Gladiators semi finalist interestingly but irrelevantly enough) and showed me the video of my feet when running. Having nearly thrown up at watching my ankle bend into some horrible angles, I was told that this was over-pronation and very common. I spent a goodly sum on a new pair of trainers at her suggestion and my problems literally disappeared overnight!

Problem was, I still experienced the same pains when running/ training in my issue boots. As has already been mentioned above, I sought advice from the Arrse community on this issue and talked to my local unit about getting some more supportive boots.


1) Have your gait analysed at a running shop with a suitably qualified person.

2) Assuming that you have a GENUINE problem, you will need a) a letter from your doctor AND b) a letter from a QUALIFIED physiotherapist stating that you have said foot problem and that you would benefit from more supportive footwear. (Both of these letters may well cost you some money)

3) Copy these letters and retain the copies for your records (it has been known for the Army to lose things) and present the originals to your unit admin clerk who will/ should/ might point you in the right direction of the correct form to fill out with a request for more supportive footwear and, who to pass that completed form to.

4) Your unit will/ should/ might (delete as applicable) then submit a request to your brigade HQ who WILL contact your Doctor AND your Physio to check that they are Bona Fide and not just your mate getting creative with a word processor and making up and adding some fancy letters after their name!! (as if you would - ahem)

5) Brigade HQ will then ring you to ask what size you are and what make you would like ( No, honestly, I know...I nearly feel off my chair when they said that to me too)

Good luck :)


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