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Project SLAM

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'Show Block' wheeled out whenever bigwigs turn up. It runs on wheels and is returned to a secret hangar in Upavon when the fatcats go home. The soldiers are then turfed out back to their usual shitholes. Note: Each of these rooms cost the taxpayer approx. £500,000.

Project SLAM (which stands for Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) is a brave attempt to give civilian contractors vast sums of money for very little return. In this respect, it is unprecedented in the annals of military procurement as there is virtually no oversight being exercised, hence brown envelopes full of cash may pass freely.

It is unclear precisely what we're getting for our money, but the odds are good that it will require constant repair due to shoddy workmanship and poor materials. It is also highly likely that the resultant accommodation areas will rapidly acquire ghetto status due to being crammed in alongside one another i.e. Tidworth Garrison - I mean, who are you kidding?

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The truly appalling Project Slam website can be found here.