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PULHHEEMS is a unique military system that provides a medical assessment of a soldier's functional capacity for service (Physical capacity, Upper limbs, Locomotion, Hearing (R), Hearing (L), Eyesight (R), Eyesight (L), Mental capacity and emotional Stability).

Each quality is given its own measure, but the P quality reflects the overall capability.

Common gradings that are awarded are:

P0 Medically unfit for duty and under medical care

P2 FE Employable for full combatant duties worldwide

P3 LE Fit for duty with minor employment limitations; limited operational deployability

P4 RE(PP) Fit for duty with limits of pregnancy; unfit for operational deployment

P7 HO Fit for duty with major employment limitations; unfit for operational deployment

P8 Medically unfit for service

Downgrading may be temporary (R) or permanent (PERM)