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Country Of Origin South Korea
Designation Main Battle Tank
Configuration Tracked
Manufacturer: Hyundai & Samsung
Crew: 3
Length 10.00 m
Width 3.10 m
Height 2.20 m
Weight 60.600 t
Speed 70 km/h
Range 450 km
Primary armament 1 x 120mm Gun
Secondary armament 1 x 7.62 mm MG
1 x 12.7mm AA MG
Power plant 1500 BHP
Night Yes - InfraRed.

Destined to enter service in 2011, South Korea needs a Main Battle Tank to try and stem the tide of North Korean tanks if the two countries declare war on each other. The 120mm Smoothbore Gun can fire 15 rounds per minute and can hold a maximum of 40 rounds. The K2 is fitted with a snorkel system and can cross water obstacles of 4.2 metres deep. She has good accelaration to, going from 0 - 32km/h in 7 seconds.

Designed along with the Americans, South Korea hopes that it'll scare Kim-Jong-Il shitless and prevent a billion, mad, marching North Korean infantry soldiers crossing the border.