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RTMC - The Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre, Chilwell. Where TA soldiers go when mobilised to get issued with dessies, refresh WHTs, fire APWTs and learn how to be proper full time soldiers. RTMC contains lots of ITD instructors who enjoy dogging.

MSR and HVMBoy's Guide to the 2 Week Mobilisation Package

RTMC in the place that all TA and Reservists have to pass through on their way to and from Operational tours all over the world.


The RTMC Chilwell TA mobilisation package lasts 12 days (ie. Report on a Monday, work through the weekend to the following Friday). The first few days is a whirlwind of G1(Personnel, Finance and Admin) & G4 (Kit Issue) : Medical, Dental, and Terms and Conditions of Service and Movement Briefs. Your course will be split into syndicates and you'll deal with each of the above in a round-robin. There will be lost of waiting around during the first few days, so bring a good book! At the end of the 2nd day, assuming you've survived the medical and dental exams, and have no strange G1 circumstances, you'll be signed into Regular service. You will not receive your 'Call out Gratuity' of £458 if you are not accepted into service.


Then begins the 10 Day MATT phase. MATTs 1-6 are covered with plenty of instruction and assessments at the end. The MATTs are:

  • MATT1 - Weapon Handling Tests and APWT (1.5 Days and 3 Days on Ranges)
  • MATT2 - PFT and CFT (4 Hrs)
  • MATT3 - Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD) (1.5 Days)
  • MATT4 - CBRN (1.5 Days)
  • MATT5 - Map Reading (4 Hrs)
  • MATT6 - Values and Standards (30 mins)

Large courses (over 75 pers) are generally split into 2 Groups so that one group can be on the ranges when the other is doing NBC/BCDT in Camp etc. You might have a couple of PT lessons before the PFT and CFT (4 miler), but you should definitely get yourself fit before you arrive. There'll more than likely be a fair number of Reg Reservists amongst your number who haven't done any phys since they left the service (in some cases that could be over 5 years), so there'll definitely be a 'mixed ability' group. The last ITDs you'll do will most likely be the APWT. They assigned us three days on the programme to do this, but we all (bar the token mong) passed in 2 days so that left us an extra day of admin sorting and catching up, which proved very helpful.

If you do not pass a MATT the regular unit you are going to may not accept you, although usually you will be accepted 'at risk'. If you are not accepted there may be a chance to be back squaded onto the next Mobilisation course, if not you will be Demobbed.


There's a big 24 hour Tesco literally across the road from you, so don't worry about not having all your nick-nacks with you. In fact I wouldn't burden yourself down with things that you can do without as you'll have a crap load of kit thrown at you and all of this you'll have to carry home with you. The laundry facilities in the accommodation that I was in, were pathetic, but other blocks are better. The food is revolting, but luckily the aforementioned Tescos has a cafe for those days when you just can't face another serving of (barely) reheated gruel. The NAAFI is pretty good and serves decent bar food. There are 3 pubs within walking distance of the front and back gates.

The admin at Chilwell can seem absolutely anarchic sometimes, but give the system a chance to work as it usually does. After your 2 weeks at RTMC you'll go on OPTAG, which could take place anywhere in UK or even Germany. Hopefully you will get some time off between RTMC and OPTAG (not a given so don't assume you'll get it), but you may have to fund your own way between RTMC and home (and back again for transport to OPTAG) as we did. You'll have been issued a Forces Railcard by then and hopefully the MTWO will organise a drop off at Derby train station for you. Don't expect a pick up at the station after your leave. A taxi from Derby will cost about £25 so try getting your return ticket to terminate at Long Eaton which is a damn sight closer and from where a taxi will cost only £5.

Regular Courses

Regulars who are part of a unit without a training infrastructure, eg a MDHU, such as medics or staff officers etc, can recieve ITD training at RTMC before deploying on ops. Their package is similar to the TA one, except the course only lasts five days. The CFT is 8 miles.


If you were mobilised through RTMC you will have to report back there at the end of your tour to Demobilise. As part of the process you will go round the same departments you visited when you mobilised. You will hand in your rifle and body armour, but will keep all your dessies for your next tour, have a medical/dental check and get a Mental Health brief. The whole process should only take about half a day. Transport will then be arranged for you to get home, usually by train from Derby Station. You will have to organise your own transport from the destination train station to your home, although if you get a taxi you could probably claim it back on a 1771.